My title right now is Director of Digital Design & Development at St. Martin’s Press, book publisher. It’s probably one of the few titles that I feel comfortable with as it expresses what I actually do. My projects include creating videos for everything from broadcast TV to Instagram, building landing pages and websites, editing audio and creating digital assets for marketing campaigns.

I am creative at heart, equally visual and technical. I still create art by hand, nothing beats a quick sketch. I’m eager to learn new ways of creating, of telling a story. In the end, isn’t that what it all really is, telling a story? Here’s some of mine.

I’ve been an artist/designer as far as I can remember. I started as a graphic designer over 25 years ago, and when I got a computer I really immersed myself into all the programs, started networking and learning anything I could. I’m still the same way. The thing I always loved about the web, we were all learning together. You could look at the source code of a page and see exactly what was going on, it’s a little crazier these days. It would help you learn, and people were mostly eager to provide what they know. It’s still true today, most of the open source endeavors get good returns. I’ve learned a lot from everyone I’ve worked with and still do today.