Rants & Raves

It’s called a blog, but for me that has the unfortunate phonetic “blah” in there, and a good deal of blogs are “blahgs”, mine might be too - but I’m not calling it that. I’m going to use the more phonetically aggressive and alliterative roar of the “R” sound, and call it “Rants & Raves”.

Hey, I got a website…again

Category: January 10, 2021

Obviously I do have a website, you’re reading it right now. I haven’t had one in a long time, twenty years in fact. I decided it was time to have... View Article

The Flatiron Building

Category: December 20, 2020

I worked in the Flatiron Building from 2012-2019. I work for St. Martin’s Press, part of Macmillan Publishing. SMP was the first of Macmillan’s imprints to occupy the Flatiron almost... View Article