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Awakening – Book Trailer

A book by Nora Roberts. This video was an interesting challenge in trying to get the trees to move like going through a warp tunnel. I was able to achieve this pretty well by taking stock footage of flying over treetops and then warp the footage, then give a soft mask. All sitting over a Awakening – Book Trailer

Everything Is Spiritual

I really like this book. I also liked creating the video. However, there’s not a lot of visual footage for “spiritual”. The cover was a group of small blue dots. I used an effect called Particular, to create the particles and have them move around, somewhat randomly, but assemble into the text and then dissolve Everything Is Spiritual

Shadows In Death – Book Trailer

By J. D. Robb, one of our bestselling authors. The cover was a cracked, fogged window with police cars on the street. I used the glass intact to start, and showed the flashing lights through the window. As the camera slowly zooms out, a loud sound, and the glass suddenly cracks to reveal the cover Shadows In Death – Book Trailer

Remain In Love – Book Trailer

This video was a labor of love. I’m a huge Talking Heads fan. I loved the book and listening to their music while working on this was a pleasant experience. This is really just a glorified slideshow, but with some great pictures. The images are the stars of this video, so I really just wanted Remain In Love – Book Trailer

Tombstone – Book Trailer

This video is a slideshow, a “Ken Burns” style, we had a voice-over done by the author himself which added a nice touch of authenticity and with the old west music, it works really well.

You Are Not Alone – Book Trailer

I colorized the footage to match the cover and to provide a sense that things are not normal, even though they might appear to be. The tone in the woman’s voice-over combined with the music helps add to the uncertainty.

The Last Passenger – Book Trailer

This was the latest in the Charles Lenox detective mysteries set in Victorian London. I love this series, although it is hard to find a lot of stock footage from Victorian Times so it can be challenging. The murder took place on a train, and was in Paddington station, which I was able to find The Last Passenger – Book Trailer

Into The Fire – Book Trailer

This is one in the Orphan X series. The idea was to list his ten commandments for a mission. I used a lot of stock footage for this one, as each commandment had a different visual. It’s almost like an action movie trailer.