Most of my web work is landing pages, they are templated for the most part. We did testing and came up with a layout and format that we felt worked best with our advertising. Since most of the pages are geared to sell the book, the retail buttons are anchored on mobile, where most traffic comes from. That way the ability to purchase is always present.

Louise Penny

This page was really a store or catalog page for the very successful author Louise Penny. There were going to be two of the books that would be featured then... View Article

Flame and Inferno

This page is different in that it is promoting two books as opposed to one, they are part of a series. It was not possible to anchor the retail buttons,... View Article

Hungry Girl Fast & Easy

This page is for a food book, itโ€™s part of a successful series. The brand has a logo, with a girl peering over the brand name. Itโ€™s a cute personal... View Article

Discipline Equals Freedom

This page was a little more challenging since I needed to include a picture of the author in the header. I wanted to make sure that with the mobile version,... View Article

The Good Sister

This is a pretty standard landing page, the design follows the advertising vibe, so it is consistent for the user experience. It also includes a video trailer under the copy... View Article

The Lost Village

This is a landing page that has some animation built into it. The tree branch on the side grows and branches out as you scroll down the page. I used... View Article

Music Industry Content

I worked in the music industry from 1999-2010. I started at Jive Records/Zomba Music, my title was Creative Director – New Media. Zomba was eventually sold to Sony BMG, then... View Article